Evolution of Gaming How To Control The Battlefield - Heroes of The Storm - Part 3

White mage, medic, healer. Support. Who do you heal? Where should I be? How aggressive can or should I be?


Support is the main healing class of most moba Games. Your main objective should be to use your abilities to heal or bolster your team so that they can better achieve there current objective. You are most likely to be the most important person on your team, without you it is highly unlikely that your team will be willing or able to confront the enemy team and triumph. Most healers have small to moderates health pools and generally look the part either sporting magical paraphernalia or medical tools some may even carry weapons. because of your necessity to your team it is imperative that you try to stay alive for as long as possible, your survival will greatly contribute to any action that your team may undertake.

Positioning/play style

The support is most likely the easiest hero to slay on any given team. Following this point the support hero is traditionally has the least damage output of any type of hero. To counter your vulnerability being with teammates who can defend you is a very good idea, your main function is to keep yourself and them alive, to reiterate from earlier the support is extremely important and without you your team will not operate at full strength.

There are both melee and ranged supports and if you are new to the game I would definitely suggest that you play as the ranged variety however as any type of support you should be wary of 1v1 attacking an enemy hero especially an assassin. Once you have reached the team fighting stage no matter what type of support you are you should wait till other members of your team initiate combat then see to there wounds and attack when given the opportunity,

Support is one of the easiest rolls to play but perhaps the hardest to master. Remember the objective of the game is to destroy the enemies core. this means that dealing damage is imperative to your success. once again we find ourselves in a bit of a conundrum. Dealing damage as the support is opportunistic at best. map awareness will be your greatest asset. Focus on staying with your team and where the enemy team is and you should be fine.


Prioritize healing charterers that are low o health or are necessary to your teams win condition. Stay safe be aware of your surroundings and most importantly dont be a hero, you are not a solo laner you are not the number one damage dealer you are a doctor you are meant to save lives not take them. playing the support is very rewarding and very important master it and you can carry a team to victory.

/s/ Joseph D. Hickey 

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