Evolution of Gaming How To Slaughter The Enemy - Heroes of The Storm - Part 2

Squishy, deadly, aggressive, damage dealer, PvP expert, killer, cutter, Assassin. In this article I will explain how to game as the Assassin.


The assassin character comes in two broad categories, ranged and melee. As the name implies this means that it is for job to incapacitate enemy combatants for your team. The Assassins archetype is dominated by characters with low health pools and high DPS (Damage per second) or burst heroes (high damage very rapidly with long periods of time between). Usually an assassin will be slimmer or more aggressively dressed. some may carry weapons that look quite deadly such as a gun or knife riling with energy. the easiest way to pick out an assassin when playing a MOBA style game is to hit it. If you see the enemy health bar drop quite quickly it is likely to be a assassin or healer, if in hits you back and does a lot of damage, you can be pretty sure it is an assassin. Of course there are several different variety's of assassin in each category such as the "mage" or "Ambush er" but for for the purpose of this article we will focus on a back line either auto attacker "right clinker" or "mage" archetype.

how to play a ranged assassin: 


first you need to understand what Moba games are. Your purpose as a team is not to merely wipe out the enemy team repeatedly but to destroy the enemy teams main base (the core in heroes of the storm). this means that although you the Assassin specialize in killing members of the enemy team it should always be your to priority to destroy the enemy team's main base. Destroy the enemy base win the game and earn your reward that is your objective!


it goes without saying that you should try to stay with your team and support them as necessary. please do not be a solo act, remember you are playing a team game and being with your team will bring you more benefit than being alone in most instances. 

In this example you are playing as a ranged assassin. This means that there is no need your you to ever be in close proximity with the enemy team. Try to stay behind your main tank (Melee warrior) so that they can absorb the damage for you.  you can and should move up when you believe that there is a high likelihood that you can down an enemy but remember to over extend is almost certain death.

Dealing damage

If you have chosen or built a hero that does a lot of damage by simply clicking on an enemy and firing away than you should always be within range of an enemy during a team fight. this means that the priority target of an enemy healer or counter, specialist or assassins may be out of reach. I am telling you now that is OK do not try to run past your team so that you may fire at priority targets. Let the ebb and flow of the battle push and pull you till the opportunity arises and you may capitalize upon it with enough health to retreat with the assault goes south.

After choosing an ranged assassin with abilities that deal the majority of the damage you must be slightly more passive than your auto attacking brethren. However in most circumstances you will be the hero to secure the kill. because your abilities have a set amount of time and mana that they cost you must use them intelligently and with forethought. as an engagement begins there is the opportunity to cast your abilities and have them online at least once more during the battle. this means that you should play as water, come forward to cast abilities that are targeted or short ranged than pull back as the engagement continues. After your initial salvo you should focus on who you are hitting. let the auto attacking hero do their damage and move in to secure the kill/kills with your burst damage. this evolution of gaming style will greatly improve your fighting capabilities. 


You are tender and frail. You are weak and soft. You are a powerful mage or force of untold destruction. in order to function to the highest capacity you must try to work with your team to maximize your damage output. Try to stay behind your tank or in easy range of other heroes that can give you support. Do not prioritize slaying enemy heroes over winning the game. Be patient, attack retreat, push forward and attack again as opportunities and the battle dictates. Follow these mantras and you are well on your way to improving your game play.

/s/ Joseph D. Hickey 

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